Author: reachingrealityblog

What is love?

We all have our own definition of love… what is love defined by in your eyes? For me it is the phone ringing at 2 am with your best friend on the other line and they called to wake you up becuase they simply had somthing exciting to tell you, or there world is crashing down and they need you to hug them so tight there peices stick back together. Love is the days I sit under the pier at the beach playing my ukulele writing songs while listening to the sound of the rain beating off the old wooden planks that have been walked on by many from all over the world, and the sound of the crashing waves. Those random text messages from people that just say hey how are you? That for me is the definition of love. Or those friends who randomly pop over to your house just to say hi or bring you a coffee. That is what truly makes me feel loved in the world. 




We all live in our own made up world…

I sit watching out the window As people walk by. As I watch them I realize they are all in there own worlds. Everyone is in there own little worlds that they have created in there heads. Not one worlds is the same as another. Some may be more colourful then others, some may be created without sound, or images… But we all have our own little worlds. All with there own interpretations of life. Our own worlds are created the minute we are born and as we grow older we draw from our experiences to shape the world we think we deserve. Nobody knows exactly what another’s world looks exactly like, but we can look at there body language and there interactions with others and try to imagine what they see. Most walk by on there phone oblivious to the fresh air that is filling there lungs, consumed by there jobs or whatever lets they are discussing using there forms of electronic communication. I often wonder what there world looks like? Do they notice the bird singing such a beautiful song in the tree over head? Do they notice the others walking past them on the sidewalk? And then there is the small child walking on the other side of the road. Jumping in puddles and being mesmerized by the worm desperately trying to swigle back to the garden. This small little child seams so oblivious to the rest o the world, he is truly living inside his own little world. His world appears to be so carefree and joyful. A group of teenage girls walk by with there school bags on there back, they giggle and seem so care free with there hair in messy buns and there oversized hoodies, but are they really that care free? The one girl trails a little bit behind the rest of the group but still stays close enough that she can appear to be with them. Her arms are closed tight against her body and her smile looks broken, what does her world look like? Is it truly as fun and carefree as she makes it look? That is the difference between adults and children, adults are so consumed by responsibility and what they should be doing, there world are shaped from when they where a child, but all the fun they used to have in there world has become consumed by how they should act. Where as children’s worlds appear so carefree and memorizing, sure they still have expectations to live up to, but they still know to creat fun on a daily basis. The teenagers appear to be consumed by a carefree life after school, but the one girl made me wonder are they so carefree? I don’t think so? They are trying to navigate there worlds aswell as the “real world” they are trying to find there place of belonging And navigate the transition between child and adult world. This thought only increases my need to know more about other peoples worlds and what led them to shaping there world as they see it today.