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Love at first sight

That moment you lock eyes. You don’t know the person but you know you want to know every little detail about them. You want to know there mind. Every thought that crosses it. Your heart races and your palms get sweaty. You know it’s love at first sight. As the days go on you work up the courage to talk to them. You get a glimpse of who they truly are and you fall harder for that person. More time passes and your dreams come true as they fall inlove with you. You begin spending hours upon hours with them and those hours then into day and those days slowly turn into nights until one day they say the one thing you have been waiting for them to say “I love you.” Fireworks light up the sky and you know it’s true love. You feel complete. You where once broken on the floor with a whole in your heart but then that one person came along and filled that hole and you where able to pick yourself back up and put together your pieces again. You can’t put them back together in perfect order but they love you just the way you are and you love them more then you thought you could ever love another person.




Those people who make your life worth living …

We all have those people who make your life worth living. It might not be an easy life. It will be filled with all the ups and downs, the highs and the lows but these people make it a bit easier to push through. From me those people are my sisters and my best friend. I have my little sister. She isn’t so little anymore but she is the one that I stay in this cruel world for. I have done things I’m not proud of but she never left my side and for that I will never be able to repay her. My older sister is the other one who has changed my life. She adopted me into her world when I saw no hope and help unlovable. She picked me up and hugged me so tight that all my broken peices stuck back together. She showed me that even in the dark there is always light. No matter how far across the world she is from me now I always know she is there and I am always there for her aswell. The third person is my best friend. We met at a time when letting new people into our world was a dawnting task and because of that it took us a year to actualy hang out for the first time. My best friend showed me the beauties that laid in the trees and the simplicity and serenity of a rock being tossed in the steam. Together we encourage eachother to grow into the best versions of ourself we can be. These 3 woman have been an amazing and probably the most important people in my journey. Others have made an impact and for that I am forever greatful but these 3 have changed my life forever.