What is love?

We all have our own definition of love… what is love defined by in your eyes? For me it is the phone ringing at 2 am with your best friend on the other line and they called to wake you up becuase they simply had somthing exciting to tell you, or there world is crashing down and they need you to hug them so tight there peices stick back together. Love is the days I sit under the pier at the beach playing my ukulele writing songs while listening to the sound of the rain beating off the old wooden planks that have been walked on by many from all over the world, and the sound of the crashing waves. Those random text messages from people that just say hey how are you? That for me is the definition of love. Or those friends who randomly pop over to your house just to say hi or bring you a coffee. That is what truly makes me feel loved in the world. 




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